New Smash TV will finally be online tomorrow! How about we take a look back with Memorex?

Gunslinger premiere TONIGHT at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg. Screenings at 7:30 and 10:00 with a bonus hour long video of hilarious shit in between. Only 5 buckaroos, come on out if you live in NYC!

The video will be up online tomorrow…and it’s amazing.
The good. The bad. The ugly.

How about some late night Skinemax to get your loins quivering in anticipation for new Smash TV this weekend?

Tomorrow night people. GUNSLINGER. At theĀ Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg. Smash TV will meet you at the train station…

Slim Pickens’ death in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid is one of the saddest scenes in any Western. Bob Dylan wrote the soundtrack and starred in the movie, and this is actually the first ever recording of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

Goddamn what a song.

With all due respect to Real Genius and Willow, this has to be Val Kilmer’s greatest performance.

If you’ve ever wondered where Tarantino got the idea for the ear-cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs, not to mention the title for the Western he made… look no further than 1966’s Django, one of the most tough-titsĀ spaghetti Westerns ever made. (Fun fact: the actor who played Django, Franco Nero, makes a cameo appearance in Django Unchained.)

Good lord the tears of laughter this scene caused Smash TV to cry as a kid.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. And don’t bring Steve Buscemi to a knifefight.

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