Smash TV recently discovered this goldmine from Zak Mering and the Gunk TV Records crew. If you like Smash TV you’ll love this thing. So much good stuff.

Pretty pumped that the dudes at the Olde English Spelling Bee label were happy to let us use their song for this movie arcade music video. HuffPo’ just got Smash TV’ed.

Here’s a groovy little ditty for your Sunday afternoon. Might wanna loosen those collars though fellas, it gets a bit steamy. And oh yes, that’s Special K from the Breakin’ movies.

That’s just brilliant screenwriting right there.

Quick - somebody send Fred Savage and the kid manager of the Minnesota Twins and Shelley Long’s daughter from Troop Beverly Hills an angel so they can get to Los Angeles and win Video Armageddon!

Totally awesome video gaaaaames! Joysticks had a pretty great theme song.

Somehow Smash TV only just now realized that Corey Feldman was wearing a PURPLE RAIN t-shirt in Goonies. Man, Mouth was the coolest.

Uh, anyone out there seen this flick? Because this trailer should win the academy awards.

The new Flying Lotus is going to be pretty bonkers by the looks of it.

More classic cartoon homages to the magnificent Bronson.

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