It’s no surprise that Worf has cripplingly low self esteem.

Ain’t no party like a Kraftwerk dance party.

The Story of Esteban Winsmore

Don’t know why this is so funny but seriously cannot handle this right now. The combination of polite trolling and the insane visuals are out of control. Second Life is the weirdest.

Why did nobody tell us about R. Stevie Moore???

Dude was killing it on that Memorex sound way back in 1986, we’ve found the missing link…

Only Bill Murray could make tongue twisters and shadow puppets this funny. We’d like to know how exactly he got roped into this.

If you watch Nathan For You or other Tim and Eric produced stuff, you’ve seen this. It’s Tim Heidecker’s dad from a family vacation in 1991.

New Aphex Twin is upon us at last. Oh happy day!

This is probably the most inspirational song ever composed.

Smash TV recently discovered this goldmine from Zak Mering and the Gunk TV Records crew. If you like Smash TV you’ll love this thing. So much good stuff.

Pretty pumped that the dudes at the Olde English Spelling Bee label were happy to let us use their song for this movie arcade music video. HuffPo’ just got Smash TV’ed.

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