La Cabina (1972)

Randomly stumbled upon this on TV as a kid and it scared the shit out of me. Forgot about it for years until coming across it again on Youtube recently.

Reminiscent of the best Twilight Zone episodes and an Emmy winner, it’s an excellent creepy short film if you have 36 minutes to spare.

Torn Hawk - Born To Win (Life After Ghostbusters)

Luke Wyatt has been one of our favorite video artists for a while. The king of datamoshing.

Angel would like to teach you about grapefruiting.

Someone made a 50 minute live action film version of Streets of Rage.

RIP Mark Bell from LFO. This is still one of the best techno tracks out there years later, legend.

Happy Friday.

Egad, we’ve been giffed!

Hall & Oates’ best worst performance ever.

Still wish we could dance like Turbo in Breakin’…

Um, have you guys actually watched this video recently?? WOW.

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