The Dutch know how to drop a sick remix. Smash TV gonna ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday.

The Visitor (1979)

Woah, how did we miss this one?

Ninja Turtles and early 90s hip hop for your Friday.

90s commercial combining our love of Zelda, Japanese hip hop, and Michael Jackson dance moves.

You win this round, Japan.

Moroder + Human League + out of control 80s computers = Smash TV heaven

Francis Monkman - Stargazing

Successfully located one of the amazing songs from the Callanetics video we just posted which VHS Head sampled on his latest album. Amazing track.

The Music of Callanetics

Weird glitched out VHS workout videos with bizarre yet awesome soundtracks? This is pretty much what Smash TV is all about.

A ton of wrestlers performing “Land of 1000 Dances” with Meatloaf on the drums and Cyndi Lauper in disguise. Doesn’t get much better than this folks, Happy Friday.

Seapunk is a pretty wacky genre, but Smash TV is all about it.

"I got the internet goin’ nuts."

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